What Can I Do to Get Recognition for my Club?

State Awards Manual 2016

NGC, CAR and FGCMD provide numerous opportunities to encourage our youth to learn about and become involved in a variety of programs while our scholarship programs support professional development in related fields.

Through the awards program, garden club members receive recognition for outstanding achievement. Receiving an award, whether it is at the District, State, Regional or National level is one of the highest honors to be achieved. Recognition creates pride and encourages members to further their efforts.

We encourage all clubs and members to participate in the awards process.  It begins by looking at the range of awards available and then completing an application for each award.  A comprehensive list of all awards can be found in the section on NGC, CAR and State Awards.

FGCMD Award Categories   Click here to view the list and explanation of the awards.

Almost every award, regardless of the level should be submitted to your district awards Chairman first.  They can review it to ensure it is complete and meets submission criteria. Contact them first for any questions regarding the application or requirements. Their contact information can be obtained from the District Directors.
District I................Mary Anne Peterman
District II................Millie Sample  & Marjorie Glennan  
District III................Shirley Tighe
District IV...............Sheila Peter 
District V................Barbara Stine
The awards year is January 1 – December 31, but the due date varies for different awards.  
Pay attention to the deadlines for submission.  The ones provided on the website are the deadline for your District Chairman to submit the application to the State.  They obviously will need to receive it in advance of that date.
State applications are judged according to size determined by number of members on whom NGC dues are paid, including garden club members, Affiliates, State Life Members, etc.
1.       Small Club: 29 members and under
2.       Medium Club: 63 – 59 members
3.       Large Club: 60-99 members
4.       Extra Large Club: 100+ members

 Deadlines and Criteria:  Unless otherwise noted, applications must be received by your District Awards Chairman by October 1.  Be sure to follow the requirements on the application for space and deadlines.  Applications will not be returned. Contact your District Awards Chairman with any questions.


No application required except as noted: 

MEMBER AWARD OF HONOR (1994) -- A certificate may be awarded to one individual member of an FGCMD club whose volunteer efforts during a period of 5 or more years have made outstanding contributions to club and community in one or more of the following areas: Civic Development, Horticulture Therapy, Youth Activities, Conservation, Landscape Design, Horticulture, Floral Design or all around Excellence.  The FGCMD winner then is nominated for the CAR Award of Honor, and the CAR winner is nominated for the NGC Award of Honor.  The Nominee must not be a current member of the NGC Board of Directors.  Application and Book of Evidence due to FGCMD Awards Chairman by January 1.

 CITATION (1959) -- A certificate may be awarded to an individual selected by the Executive Committee, and approved by the Executive Board, for meritorious service in promoting the objectives of the Federated Garden Clubs of Maryland.

 AWARD OF ACHIEVEMENT (1981) -- A certificate may be awarded to an individual member, member club or group of member clubs for an activity worthy of recognition in promotion of the objectives of the Federated Garden Clubs of Maryland, Inc.

AWARD OF APPRECIATION (1983) -- A certificate may be awarded to a non-garden club member for an activity worthy of recognition in promotion of the Federated Garden Clubs of Maryland, Inc.

 PRESIDENTIAL AWARD (1995) -- A certificate may be awarded to an individual/s in recognition for help received during an administration. 

MARIE COULTER BOWL (2009) -- The silver bowl may be awarded to an individual member, member club or group of member clubs for their role and activities in promoting the objectives of CAR and NGC (excluding ex-officio terms as President of FGCMD).

FGCMD AWARDS, except as noted:


1.    Any Federated Garden Clubs of Maryland, Inc. (FGCMD) member Club is eligible to apply

2.    Club may apply for an Award for each different project; a project is eligible for one FGCMD Award per year.

3.    Project or activity must have been completed in the current year.

4.    Project or activity may not be submitted for an Award in two consecutive years.

5.    Application must be received by the Club’s District Award Chairman by October 1st; retain a copy.

6.    Application form is limited to three printed pages, – front of pages only. (No report cover or binders allowed. No plastic sheets allowed).

7.    When the same project is eligible for various awards, submitting exact duplication of the application is not acceptable.

8.    Application form will not be returned.
 (Exceptions: publication (books), CD/DVD). Copy entry for your files.