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Gardening Study School
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1.       Gardening Consultants (designated C) have completed the required four (4) courses required by National Garden Clubs, Inc Garden Study Courses.  

2.       If their dues are paid and they remain in good standing, a second letter (C) shows that they are Council Members.

3.       Students who have successfully completed two of the four required courses may join the Council.

4.       Consultants having successfully completed four additional courses then become Life Members. (L)

5.       These Gardening Study Courses focus on helping members become accomplished horticulturists. Courses cover all aspects of growing from understanding soil structure to pruning techniques, plant identification, etc.

     The Council schedules two meetings/trips per year.

Dues: $10 paid Annually by May 1.

Gardening Study Award Applications are Due by January 1 (note this date is different from the FGCMD award application due date)

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