President's Theme:

"Planting Maryland for Beauty and Wildlife"

President's Project:

"Supporting Cylburn Arboretum’s Capital Project focusing on Storm Water Management"

There is nothing like seeing the first bloom in spring, perhaps a snowdrop, maybe a daffodil. Or working in the garden and having the scent of a Viburnum carlesii waft by. We love the way our gardens look and smell. And we love to provide shelter and sustenance for the creatures that live there. We are connected, to our gardens, our clubs, our communities. And we know that what happens here, affects there.  When it rains, and the water gushes down the hills and highways, it picks up the debris and the pollution and all end up in our Bay. I have chosen to support Cylburn Arboretum’s capital project which includes Storm Water Management, slowing down that water, keeping more of it from transporting all those pollutants.  Donations may be sent to the office payable to FGCMD with Cylburn Capital Project in the memo.  And we all are personally conserving water drop by drop.

                                                                                                                                                  President Carolyn Braverman