Chairman: Doris Smith

Co-chairman: Sandra Robertson

  2019 - 2021 Awards Manual

What Can I Do to Get Recognition for my Club?

NGC, CAR-SGC and FGCMD provide numerous opportunities:

  • ·       to encourage our youth to learn about and become  involved in a variety of programs,
  • ·       to support professional development through our scholarship programs, and
  • ·       to recognize the outstanding achievement of our garden clubs through awards.

The awards program recognizes clubs and members at the District, State, Regional and National levels. We encourage all clubs to participate. A comprehensive list of all awards can be found in the Awards Manual section on NGC, CAR-SGC and state awards.

FGCMD Award Categories:   A complete list of FGCMD Awards can be found in the 2019-2021 Awards Manual  or the FGCMD ‘Green Directory’.

Almost every award should be submitted to your District Awards Chairman first for review.   Contact your District Awards Chairman first for any questions regarding the application or requirements. Their contact information can be obtained from the District Directors


District I...............Ann Foss
District II..............Millie Sample, Marjorie Glennan  and Laura Spoeri
District III.............Peggy Poe
District IV.............Greta Jackson
District V..............Shelley Johnson

The awards year is January 1 – December 31, but the due date varies for different awards.  Unless otherwise noted, applications must be received by your District Awards Chairman by October 15.  State applications are judged according to the size of the club determined by number of members on whom NGC dues are paid, including garden club members, Affiliates, State Life Members, etc.

1.       Small Club: 29 members and under
2.       Medium Club: 30 – 59 members
3.       Large Club: 60-99 members
4.       Extra Large Club: 100+ members

Criteria for award applications:

1.    Any Federated Garden Clubs of Maryland, Inc. (FGCMD) member Club is eligible to apply.

2.    Club may apply for an Award for each different project; a project is eligible for one FGCMD Award per         year.

3.    Project or activity must have been completed by October 15.

4.    Project or activity may not be submitted for an Award in two consecutive years.

5.    Application must be received by the Club’s District Award Chairman by October 15th.

6.   Application packet is limited to three printed pages, front-side only, including the award application and    photographs.

7.    If the same project is eligible for various awards, submitting exact duplication of the application is not     acceptable. 

8.    Application form will not be returned.  (Exceptions: publication (books), CD/DVD). Copy applications for your club files.