President's Theme:

"Planting Maryland for Beauty and Wildlife"

President's Project:

"Supporting Cylburn Arboretum’s Capital Project focusing on Storm Water Management"

           President’s Message Fall 2020

What challenging times we live in!  Everything we were used to doing has changed. Our Garden Clubs used to meet every month, a time for learning, for socializing, for planning. Members got together for community projects, for Horticulture Therapy, for dedications of Blue and Gold Star memorials and Alice Rush McKeon tree plantings. We celebrated our Annual and Semi-Annual meetings together, we had Flower Shows, we went on trips. It’s a different environment right now.

 It won’t be this way forever. We will be able to meet again to work, to learn, to enjoy each other’s company. And we have many resources at our fingertips. The National Garden Clubs, Inc. has recently launched a new website, with interesting blog posts changing weekly. Our regional CAR-SGC also has an updated website as well as a new Facebook page. There are wonderful photos of gardens to view there. There are webinars to watch and YouTube videos for entertainment and education. And of course, we are focusing on our own gardens as we are not going out in the community as often. What a great time to plan for the next season, to order those seeds. Fall is a great time for planting shrubs and perennials. We can really keep busy!

 The President’s Project of supporting Storm Water Management at Cylburn Arboretum continues. We received a lovely thank you letter from Cylburn Arboretum Friends for our donation in support of this project. Spring will bring completion of laying of the stone in the Labyrinth and installation of selected plant material. Thank you for your continued support of this project.

 Keep well, everyone, keep safe.