President's Theme:

"Planting Maryland for Beauty and Wildlife"

President's Project:

"Supporting Cylburn Arboretum’s Capital Project focusing on Storm Water Management"

           President’s Message April 2020

It is April and the daffodils are in their glory. Snowdrops have passed their prime but muscari are coming into their own. Hostas are showing their tips above ground and the serviceberry has burst. If there is anything we can be grateful for in this trying time of the dreaded COVID 19, it is that we can get out in the garden and work or just appreciate its beauty. Being cooped up in the winter with no chance to enjoy the outdoors would have been worse. And although we cannot be together in person, we can share pictures of our gardens with each other on our Facebook pages, websites, or just simply with email.

A long time ago I took a course on managing a career.  One of the things I learned was that you can flip over a situation to your advantage. And that is what we must do right now. Find new ways of being together, of sharing our interests and passions. Many clubs are using social media to keep in contact. Aren’t we lucky this is an option?  I even heard of a club continuing to hold a flower show by taking pictures of their arrangements and showing them on Facebook.

Let us come out on the other side of this pandemic stronger than ever, knowing we have met the challenge. My heart and my best wishes go out to all of you.

               Carolyn Braverman, President